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Mrs. Chippy

Traditional Irish Chip Shop

Called ‘The Chipper’ in the South of Ireland and ‘The Chippy’ in the North, not much else has changed with the Fish and chip shops in Ireland. For most young people growing up, the Chip shop was the best part of an evening out. 
It's shameless self-indulgence, and no one will judge you as you eat your way through copious amounts
of everything on the menu and not a salad in sight. Most ordered items would be curry chips, taco chips, chicken gravy chips, battered chicken burgers, and battered sausages. Battered everything…
And this is only a part of the incredible delicacies on offer? It’s true to say that no one is above ordering from the Chip shop, not even your Granny, it is just interwoven into the fabric of Irish life and has been for many generations.
So here’s to Mrs. Chippy as she makes her way onto the Calgary scene, a little bit of Ireland ‘That tastes just like home’. 
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